Friday, February 10, 2012

Here's our central corridor.

Sixteen of our seventeen guestrooms are on the third floor, and all open out into one long, continuous hallway.   Gives you that old-timey hotel feel, but it conducts sound pretty well, too, so please be quiet if checking in late at night.  Your fellow guest are very likely sleeping. 

This photo was taken about the middle of the hallway, adjacent to the four centrally locking bathrooms that are shared by our guests checked into our Euro-style rooms.   In the off season,  this may mean sharing with two or three other guests, in the peak season, it could be as many as 25 or so.  But because everybody has a different schedule, we rarely see all four bathrooms in use simultaneously  (in my eight years here, I've only seen all four "occupied" signs up on three occasions.)
On the other side of that darkened window with the floral/light arrangement is our little library, with books and magazines you're welcome to borrow (or keep - it's not like we inventory them every day - and people leave so many books behind at checkout that I doubt we'll see a net loss in reading material anytime soon.)

There's a sort of clunky old PC in there too, it's your free connection to the internet.  Most people pack their own wireless devices these days and find it more convenient to use our free WiFi connection instead.