Friday, April 13, 2012

Let's go for a bike ride. Say, 100 kilometers?

The Downtown Hotel is a bike-friendly place, provided you don't mind schlepping your bike up one or two flights of stairs.  Bikers are welcome to take their bikes to their rooms, or leave them in our storeroom for retrieval after 9 in the morning.
(Dude just rocks the leather helmet look, doesn't he?)

We get bike tourists a lot in the summer months, and even sometimes in the not-summer months.  Just west of town, there is a world-class downhill mountain bike race course called Dry Hill.  And if you plan on checking it out someday, we don't mind telling you it's seldom dry, but oh Dear God, it IS a hill.  Type  Dry Hill Port Angeles into the You Tubes and you'll get some videos that'll give you the general idea.  (And possibly motion sickness.)

For bikers with a more sedate form of cycling exercise and fresh air in mind (one not involving Kevlar body armor and full-face helmets) we recommend riding on the local bike paths and country roads. 

To that end, we are pleased to invite you to the second annual Downtown Hotel Metric Century ride starting at 9am, Saturday, May 6, 2017.  100 kilometers (62 miles) with the more challenging, hilly part at the beginning of the ride, and the rest of it mostly flat (flat-ish, anyway).  On road, off road, county lanes, waterfront trails; that sort of thing.

To go into some detail, we've created a separate blog for this subject.  Click here for more details.   Then give us a call 1-866-688-8600 if you'd like to book a room for that weekend.