Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fantastic Fish&Chips

Anthony D here, guest blogging for the Downtown Hotel. I recently had the pleasant experience of dining at the Downrigger restaurant here in Port Angeles. It's possibly the only restaurant in the downtown area with cool outdoor seating and a water view.

When we went it was a little bit chilly with the wind whipping off of the water, even though elsewhere it was a balmy 70-something degree day, so I recommend bringing a jacket if you decide to take that route.

While the water view was nice, the true charm of the place came from it's absolutely delicious Fish and Chips and delicious and local microbrew selection. The waitress was very friendly and more than willing to put up with me ordering multiple samples for what I would think would be best paired with fish and chips and I eventually found a pairing that I would go back again and again for.

I was there during lunch time and had a very pleasant, casual experience; however, I'm sure that a dinner visit would be elegant and nice if it were needed

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