Friday, August 19, 2011

Thanks for filling in, Anthony!

Anthony D. is our temporary night manager, at least through late September, when he plans to head back to school at the University of Washington.

Anthony stepped in on short notice when both of our night managers quit (in the middle of Summer Peak Season!) when they decided their day jobs were becoming too demanding to keep up with the summer pace here.

Understandable enough.  Even at a sleepy little place like The Downtown Hotel, a night manager sometimes has to wait up for a late check in, or get up in middle of the night to let in someone who forgot to take their keys with them for a night on the town. (Our front is locked at night, so remember to take your keys with you if you plan on coming back late.)

Anthony is a musician and actor, currently cast as a prince in the Stephen Sondheim comedy/drama/musical classic Into the Woods, playing through August at The Kitsap Forest Theater near Bremerton, WA.

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